Round 3 - Spain

June 03, 2013

We had a long weekend in Spain.
On thuesday we visited the largest roller coster park in Europe and tried everything. One of the tallest roller coster of the world Shambala was awsome with it's 100 m height.

On friday we took the car to the track to occupy our box and make the registration.

After the briefing on saturday morning we could start the training session. Right in the first lap the throttle pedal was broken. We were trying to fix it all day because we had to participate on the qualification in the afternoon. Finally we could fix it, so i could go to qualifying without any practice. It wasn't easy, so i reached the 25th position.

Sunday we could run a few laps in the top32 training session so we could make the setup for the suspension. But all the weekend we had problems with the handbrake. I knew that it will be a big disadvantage as a follower in the tandem fights. My first opponent in the top32 was Noro Kovacik, who is a very talented and skillful driver. In the frist lap i had to correct my curve behind Noro and beacuse my wrong handbrake i spun. The second lap i went a good lap when i was ahead but Noro won. I finished the race in the top32...:(

Except those technical problems we had a great weekend in Spain.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. one of my favourite formulaD driver was the star guest of this weekend. He visited us in the box and he liked my car very much.

See you in Greece!

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